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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Coral Kisses

This week's 52 Weeks of Color challenge color guessed it....Coral!
Not an easy color for a girl who's inventory contains a lot of black, white, and shades of gray.
LunaJubilee's fun stuff is really making me change the way I look at color, and clothes/accessories in general, in Second Life.
I'm absolutely digging the creative vibes it's been producing!

What's on:
The Dress: Hucci's "Ruched Mesh" in Sorbet
The Shoes: Hucci's "D'Ann" pump in Coral
( Both of these were group gifts, bless the sweet Eboni Khan )
The Bag: Hucci's "Knuckle Clutch" in Peach Lace
The Gems: U&R Dogs
The Man: My brother, Psi. Not cheap, but he is easy.


  1. Hi Feyt .. good idea this dress(totally forgot that i got that one)... but the pumps i havent ((( missed them i suppose.
    bye bye Nic

  2. That dress is amazing! And that hair looks so sexy on you;)

  3. Oh wow sexy coral! Love the pose and outfit!

  4. I tend to avoid colour in SL a lot too, so don't feel that you're alone. Beautiful look. :-)

  5. Thank you all for your comments! What a boost to the spirit to know you all are watching here. Feel free to leave me your blog sites, as well, so I can check them out!