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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Coral Kisses - Aeva Style

It's week 2 of Luna's Color Challenge and the color as you can readily see, lol...was coral.
Now I do have to say, and Feyth will agree, I'm a bit more liberal in my wearing of color than she is and I thoroughly enjoy bright cheerful colors.  How we ever become mother and daughter, lol...oh right...long story there...cough...I digress.

Anywhos, I'm so thoroughly loving this challenge and wish I had done it the first go round!
Like I said above, I love color and this challenge is a fun time digging thru my inventory for items to match the week's color. 

Where this challenge is pushing me to expand is in putting together a more fully accessorized outfit, all the little details like bags, and jewelry etc.  See, I have all those things, but I rarely wear them in world.  I usually toss on clothes and shoes and I'm if I feel like digging into that massive unorganized folder, but thats not usual.  So each week I am pushing myself to break out the accessories and put them to use.

When I started writing down all the items I was wearing for this post I was like...."Oh my, thats a lot of things", but taken as a whole, I think the outfit comes off great!

I love the play of the coral and purple together, with the brown shoes, bag and belt tying it all together.  I think its a fun, slightly boho look that I am certainly saving to wear again!  Let me know what you it or hate it?

Here's what I'm wearing:
Sweater: The Sea Hole - Lace Insert Top (Persimmon)
Shirt: Peqe - Cherry (Pearl)
Pants: The Sea Hole - Odette Culottes (Plum)
Tights: Jane - Lil Piggies Fuzzy Tights (Apricot)
Shoes: G*Fields - Sophie (Brown)
Belt: Deetalez - Brown Belt
Rings: Random Calliope - Lady in Waiting (R), Elate - Pink Rose Ring (R), Primalot - Glam Rock Queen (L)
Necklaces: Primagine - Victoria Set, Swallowtail - Natural Stone Necklace (Orange)
Purse: ETD - City Handbag (Brown Croc)


  1. Very pretty, I love the bright coral with the bright skirt, I wouldn't have thought to pair such bold colors but it works really well.

  2. PRETTY! I love the color combination you chose.

  3. Really cute look... Coral goes great with purple!

  4. Thank you ladies!
    I had tried a skirt that more closely matched the color of the top, but didnt like it, then I tried the purple and fell in love wiht the combo...glad y'all like it! =)

  5. I love how you combined the colors in your photo--you prove that coral is not just a pastel!

  6. I love your style, the whole photo is very pretty!!

  7. TY, TY =) So glad everyone is loving my rather unconventional choice of colors as much as I did!

  8. colour block is what we say to such a combination of colours ... :) you are looking great in it ..Bye Bye Nic

  9. Wow your picture really pops with colour! Love it :)

  10. Lovely work from you and Feyth, and I love the richness of your picture.

  11. Like it - the coral and purple together is brilliant! Love how you work the colors of your outfit with the background. You look fabulous! Welcome to the challenge:)

  12. I love the Seahole for their original designs and great colors! You're really rocking this weeks color! It really looks so good on you :)

  13. Thanks everyone for the great comments...I totally loved this weeks color challenge!

  14. Love The Sea Hole. Your look is amazing and very organic. :-) Wonderful job!