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Monday, May 23, 2011


It's finally many of us knew it would.
Facebook has started kicking us to the curb! Where will we go?! How will we connect now?!
There are several cures for the brutal cut-off from SLociety out-of-world: Facebook (good luck being the social pariah there), Moolto, Flickr, Koinup, Avatar Spot, SLProfiles and now...*drumroll* 2ndHub!
I have tried (and not liked) many of the above social avenues available for our avatarness.

Flickr- A great place to display artwork/photographs, but not necessarily a social-networking medium. Maybe I'm wrong about this and just haven't grasped the full extent of Flickr's potential. That and I have a beef with Yahoo! in general.

Moolto- I am lazy. To this day, I've never gotten the hang of what this site is supposed to be, though I know it's about social networking. Another lack of interest to be chalked up to personal bias. If I have to have a SLecond college degree to figure out how to use a networking tool, it goes in the recycle bin.

Koinup- Great for crossing the boundaries of platform, but still a little scattered in my opinion.

A good, quick read summing up some of the available sites:
Review of 6 best SL networking sites

2ndHub seems like it could be a winner...I'd love to have some feedback from others who use the SLNetworking tools...what are your favorites and why?

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