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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What was I Thinking?

So Mom and I have been on a bend lately to clean out our inventories and get them under control.  Being the meticulous people we are...we dont have it in us to chuck things out.  Noooo!  We have to try everything on to see if something is salvageable.  Now I dont know about Mom...but my inventory is just about 39,000 items.  Now granted....some of that is poses and animations for our studio and some of it is textures and sctripts for building, but the vast majority is clothing shoes and hair.  So believe me that my inability to just chuck something with out looking at it, makes my head hurt after about an hour.

So today, as I slogged thru my inventory, I came across items that were nearly 4 year old a well as group gifts ans other assorted cheapies and freebies and hunt finds.  As I was trying all these things thought kept rattling in my head....What the HELL was I Thinking!!

Some of the stuff was just god awful.  Granted clothing has come along way in the 4 years I have been in SL, so I cant fault the designers from back then, but some of the newer stuff, the hunt prizes or group gods....jsut awful...some looked no different than things from 4 years ago.

Be that as it may, the one thing I kept saying, was...why the hell did I keep this?  Perhaps it is because I am optimistic an think that if I can just find the right hair/shoes I can as Tim Gunn would say..."make it work"

What I should have done was immediately torched them.

Still, we are having a good giggle at our own bad taste and thanking the goddess that we found our inner fashionistas.

Will keep everyone posted on how the cleanup is coming along and how many numbers my inventory decreases by.

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  1. I should have taken some photos of the nonsense that came out of your inventory, honey. I thought mine was brutal...