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Monday, April 25, 2011

My Wedding Approaches!

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of planning and looking and trying on dresses and a thousand other things you have to do to plan an SL wedding.  Some has been totally wonderful, some has been frustrating.

I'd like to take this moment to say to wedding dress designers...I refuse to buy your wedding dress unless you ahve a demo to try on.  It's not hard to do.  You already have the dress hard is it to add some demo information to the dress.  Wedding dresses are intensely personal and a bride cannot tell how a dress is going to fit or look on her and I'm sorry...I refuse to pay upwards of 1000L on a dress that I cant try on, and then to find out it looks horrible on me.  Get with the program folks.  And whats this with some designers only doing "some" of their dresses with demos?...that makes no sense.

I also had an issue with a well known floral designer who just didnt get it.  Her staff was lovely, but her business acumen not.

We decided to order custom colored flowers to match our colors and I refused to have cobalt blue roses.  They arent found in nature and I think they look silly.  So we decided to do a custom order with a blue tipped calla lily.  We had 4 weeks till the wedding, and placed the order that day.  The procedure was that the designer would do a quote based on what you want, and do a mock up of the bouquet for you to approve.

2 weeks go by and we still hadn't heard from the designer with our quote.  The staff member kep reassuring us all was well, jsut that the designer wasnt all that quick on doing quotes.  At this point I'm quite upset.  The designer already had blue tipped callas in her repetoire, we were simply asking to swap the blue roses for the cream colored ones, (again in her repetoire) and the white callas for the blue tipped ones.  How difficult a quote is that, that you still after 2 weeks havent given me a quote?  And the staff person just did not understand my frustration.  We had 2 weeks to our wedding, no quote, no mock up either.  How much longer were we going to have to wait...another week?? 

What if we didnt like the mock-up and wanted changes? I asked the clerk..."ohh she can do those like in 3 seconds" she assured me.  She can do changes like that quickly enough but she cant take 2 minutes to give me a quote and my wedding is 2 weeks away?...Sorry, not good enough.  I immediately cancelled the order and went and found just as lovely flowers at another store.

Designers, if you are going to run a business and you offer a custom service....get off your duff and get the quotes done....taking 2 weeks or probably more for a simple flower swap is totally ridiculous and I shant be purchasing anything further from your business.

Other than these few snafus, its been a wonderful process, and I'm so excited.,  Our wedding is 6 days away and I'm marrying a great guy who is just adorably wonderful. 

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