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Saturday, April 16, 2011

All Aboard the Bus - Next Stop Aeva-Town

This is the other girl of the 2Girls, 1Camera.  Sometimes girly, sometimes goth, sometimes glamorous, sometimes not...yet...I'm always me, a redhead with an affinity for pink, most anything girly and the name no one can say or spell.

After a stint as a model I decided I preferred to be the one taking the pictures, so now with a camera firmly in my hands, and alongside my partner in crime, we wander the worlds of SL, conquering it one picture at a time.  Well that and we buy shoes and pretty dresses and did I mention shoes?

Feyth is right...we giggle....ALOT, and we are extremely fluent in typonese.  She likes almost anything shappy chic and we have an uncanny knack for thinking the exact same thing at the exact same time.

She's the bestest Mom, cohort, and shopping buddy a girl could want.

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