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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday How I LOVE You!

Well, at least this Thursday I do.  Last day of the work week for me....then I'm off till Tuesday...oh yeah!

Piccy wise had been doing a lot of DJ profile pics and having fun with effects and as always making pretty's slowed down a bit, but thats ok....time to regroup and refresh and relax a bit and just enjoy SL again.

think I might get back into some RP....kinda miss it.

Friday, July 22, 2011

We're not unreasonable. I mean, no one's gonna eat your eyes.

It's Friday, and it's been a while since I've posted anything. Not because I've not been in-world, but because I haven't taken many photos lately.
Taking pictures for the last several weeks has been frustrating as hell, and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
I will say it: I think it's Viewer 2.
I have been a staunch supporter of LL's V2 since the beginning. I have *tried* other viewers, but I stayed with LL's work, because I am in love with my shadows. But....lately, it's been sucking the wind out of my sails.
Up until recently, I was able to photograph in ultra settings, with a little lag, but it was manageable.
Now, even high graphics with shadows enabled pulls me into this monstrous lag spiral that eventually leads to a freeze up and reboot.
It's not my system. I've cleaned and recleaned everything, and I can run layers of video/audio/high-graphics programs together without issue.
Am I going to have to jump ship from LL and try another viewer??

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Gods help me, as soon as I said that, I heard that viral teeny-bopper anthem in my head for a split seccond.

In any case, welcome to the weekend, all! I just wanted to put up a quick post to let you know that Aeva and I are finally established on our new chunk of grid, on our family homestead.
I'll post some new photos, but more aptly, stop by and check it out for yourselves.
See you on the Grid!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Photo Morphs

This is a hot topic for me. 

I HATE, HATE, HATE morphs.  

I think they are ugly, tasteless, and in my humble opinion, the people who produce and sell such things are thieves and the people who pay for and purchase them are no better.

Morphing is content theft, plain and simple and neither I or Feyth will ever do morphs.

2ndHub Part Deux!

Ok, so following in Feyth's footsteps, I signed up for 2ndHub.  Im not as big a social media addict as many are, so I often don't get all the hubbub and OMIGODs about things. 

2ndHub is one such thing.  I see it for the value it has, the networking capabilities, I'm just not one who is going to get hooked on it and spend endless hours on it.  Same with FB.  I cannot understand people who get so addicted to being on it and to the games on there.

I'll be honest, I've tried a few....I was quickly bored in less than a week, sometimes less than 3 days, lol.

Anyways, I'm on 2ndHub, feel free to say hi and friend me : )

Monday, May 23, 2011


It's finally many of us knew it would.
Facebook has started kicking us to the curb! Where will we go?! How will we connect now?!
There are several cures for the brutal cut-off from SLociety out-of-world: Facebook (good luck being the social pariah there), Moolto, Flickr, Koinup, Avatar Spot, SLProfiles and now...*drumroll* 2ndHub!
I have tried (and not liked) many of the above social avenues available for our avatarness.

Flickr- A great place to display artwork/photographs, but not necessarily a social-networking medium. Maybe I'm wrong about this and just haven't grasped the full extent of Flickr's potential. That and I have a beef with Yahoo! in general.

Moolto- I am lazy. To this day, I've never gotten the hang of what this site is supposed to be, though I know it's about social networking. Another lack of interest to be chalked up to personal bias. If I have to have a SLecond college degree to figure out how to use a networking tool, it goes in the recycle bin.

Koinup- Great for crossing the boundaries of platform, but still a little scattered in my opinion.

A good, quick read summing up some of the available sites:
Review of 6 best SL networking sites

2ndHub seems like it could be a winner...I'd love to have some feedback from others who use the SLNetworking tools...what are your favorites and why?

Saturday, May 7, 2011


That is how many items I have managed to purge from my inventory so far.  Taking my original inventory of 42,428 items down to 27,773.  Holy Smokes!!  AND!....Im not even finished yet!  I was trying to hold off until the end of my purge and empty it all at once, but I decided to go ahead and empty the trashcan anyways last!!

This has just inspired me more to keep slogging thru and to keep getting rid of the bad and only keeping the good...hmm...sounds like a life lesson there ...*winks

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring cleaning, also known as "WTF!!??"

So, I think we're almost done. But, the ride has been crazy.
Have you ever looked through your old inventory? I mean, REALLY looked?

Well, here are some of the things we came across. Oh, and Aeva honey? I apologize for NOT telling you I was taking photos. On the upside, our taste in clothing has improved exponentially over the years!
*ducks and uploads*
This first one is not too bad. Aeva was alarmed at the color, but the fit and design were actually very well executed.

The same can not be said for this one. I told her, truthfully, that I couldn't even discern a texture on the top of this one. And the hair, well, it just scared me.

Yeah, this last one is my fault. All I can say is...umm....holy camo ballons, Batman!

Monday, April 25, 2011

My Wedding Approaches!

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of planning and looking and trying on dresses and a thousand other things you have to do to plan an SL wedding.  Some has been totally wonderful, some has been frustrating.

I'd like to take this moment to say to wedding dress designers...I refuse to buy your wedding dress unless you ahve a demo to try on.  It's not hard to do.  You already have the dress hard is it to add some demo information to the dress.  Wedding dresses are intensely personal and a bride cannot tell how a dress is going to fit or look on her and I'm sorry...I refuse to pay upwards of 1000L on a dress that I cant try on, and then to find out it looks horrible on me.  Get with the program folks.  And whats this with some designers only doing "some" of their dresses with demos?...that makes no sense.

I also had an issue with a well known floral designer who just didnt get it.  Her staff was lovely, but her business acumen not.

We decided to order custom colored flowers to match our colors and I refused to have cobalt blue roses.  They arent found in nature and I think they look silly.  So we decided to do a custom order with a blue tipped calla lily.  We had 4 weeks till the wedding, and placed the order that day.  The procedure was that the designer would do a quote based on what you want, and do a mock up of the bouquet for you to approve.

2 weeks go by and we still hadn't heard from the designer with our quote.  The staff member kep reassuring us all was well, jsut that the designer wasnt all that quick on doing quotes.  At this point I'm quite upset.  The designer already had blue tipped callas in her repetoire, we were simply asking to swap the blue roses for the cream colored ones, (again in her repetoire) and the white callas for the blue tipped ones.  How difficult a quote is that, that you still after 2 weeks havent given me a quote?  And the staff person just did not understand my frustration.  We had 2 weeks to our wedding, no quote, no mock up either.  How much longer were we going to have to wait...another week?? 

What if we didnt like the mock-up and wanted changes? I asked the clerk..."ohh she can do those like in 3 seconds" she assured me.  She can do changes like that quickly enough but she cant take 2 minutes to give me a quote and my wedding is 2 weeks away?...Sorry, not good enough.  I immediately cancelled the order and went and found just as lovely flowers at another store.

Designers, if you are going to run a business and you offer a custom service....get off your duff and get the quotes done....taking 2 weeks or probably more for a simple flower swap is totally ridiculous and I shant be purchasing anything further from your business.

Other than these few snafus, its been a wonderful process, and I'm so excited.,  Our wedding is 6 days away and I'm marrying a great guy who is just adorably wonderful. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What was I Thinking?

So Mom and I have been on a bend lately to clean out our inventories and get them under control.  Being the meticulous people we are...we dont have it in us to chuck things out.  Noooo!  We have to try everything on to see if something is salvageable.  Now I dont know about Mom...but my inventory is just about 39,000 items.  Now granted....some of that is poses and animations for our studio and some of it is textures and sctripts for building, but the vast majority is clothing shoes and hair.  So believe me that my inability to just chuck something with out looking at it, makes my head hurt after about an hour.

So today, as I slogged thru my inventory, I came across items that were nearly 4 year old a well as group gifts ans other assorted cheapies and freebies and hunt finds.  As I was trying all these things thought kept rattling in my head....What the HELL was I Thinking!!

Some of the stuff was just god awful.  Granted clothing has come along way in the 4 years I have been in SL, so I cant fault the designers from back then, but some of the newer stuff, the hunt prizes or group gods....jsut awful...some looked no different than things from 4 years ago.

Be that as it may, the one thing I kept saying, was...why the hell did I keep this?  Perhaps it is because I am optimistic an think that if I can just find the right hair/shoes I can as Tim Gunn would say..."make it work"

What I should have done was immediately torched them.

Still, we are having a good giggle at our own bad taste and thanking the goddess that we found our inner fashionistas.

Will keep everyone posted on how the cleanup is coming along and how many numbers my inventory decreases by.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Empress and Hierophant

Strange name, amazing beauty. The first time I saw this sim, I fell in...well....mud.
It was raining, and there were sheep everywhere. Nevertheless, I slogged on, dodged the sheep, and found the most stunning views this side of the Emerald Isle.
The work of Alchemy Immortalis, the isle is soon to house the Bed and Breakfast Experience.
Please, check it out and watch out for the sheep!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

All Aboard the Bus - Next Stop Aeva-Town

This is the other girl of the 2Girls, 1Camera.  Sometimes girly, sometimes goth, sometimes glamorous, sometimes not...yet...I'm always me, a redhead with an affinity for pink, most anything girly and the name no one can say or spell.

After a stint as a model I decided I preferred to be the one taking the pictures, so now with a camera firmly in my hands, and alongside my partner in crime, we wander the worlds of SL, conquering it one picture at a time.  Well that and we buy shoes and pretty dresses and did I mention shoes?

Feyth is right...we giggle....ALOT, and we are extremely fluent in typonese.  She likes almost anything shappy chic and we have an uncanny knack for thinking the exact same thing at the exact same time.

She's the bestest Mom, cohort, and shopping buddy a girl could want.

In the form of a clarification

I just wanted to let the general populace know this is not a fashion blog. No one could do that better  than those who already do.
This is simply two girls who talk a lot about everything (guys, clothes, shoes, life) and who take even more pictures.
Now, from time to time, you'll see us  rambling about the cutest new thing we found shopping, but for the most part, you'll see pictures, hear venting, maybe get a chuckle out of something funny that happened to us on the grid.
A little bit about the girls with the camera:
We giggle a lot.
We typo horribly, and love spell-check.
Aeva likes pink.
I have a thing for difficult men.

The bus may now proceed to the next stop.


...and Aeva...
*hands the pencil to her daughter/cohort.*

Who the hell's driving this bus??

Where to start, where to start...*taps her pencil against her teeth, pondering*
Well, a really long time ago, God created the fashion industry.
And, 'Lo! and Behold!, I was hooked.
On the Second day, Goddess created Second Life because She wanted all the cash-poor, untraveled, lonely fashionistas to have company!

Many years later, here I am. With a camera. And fan-freaking-tastic shoes.

Welcome to the party, Boys and Girls!